InchByInch is an initiative to get kids moving and have fun with football. And at the same time become better on and off the pitch and pick up traits that will be useful for the rest of their lives through their interest in the sport.

If you are a football player or involved in professional football you can help us. We have a great interest in talking to players, coaches and the experts that help the professionals as our mission is to democratize talent development and give all boys and girls access to how the very best train, think, eat and sleep.

What would you tell a 14-year-old version of yourself?

This is our go to question when talking to players. It can be difficult to relate to your idol, but by learning about the challenges faced in the youth career kids can tell themselves that: If they faced the same issue as me and made it this far; then I can do it too.

It can be difficult to talk about touchy subjects in a dressing room and through research we have learned that many kids feel they are alone with their issues.

Idols gets kids to play and excercise

Our data shows that the participation of idols make kids interact with the content and get active.

By having a footballer sharing their story and giving a 30 minute interview enables us to get more than 50.000 kids active and play football.

Help us to continue making a positive difference within the world of football.